Accused Docs in Tadvi Case get Bail
Mumbai Mirror
Aug 12, 2019

The three doctors accused for abetment in the Pay Tadvi case, have been granted bail after spending 70 days in jail.

On May 2019, Dr Payal Tadvi who was studying at [Box 02 Nair Hospital in Mumbai, committede suicide inside her hostel room. Payal belonged to the Tadvi Bhil Tribe. A suicide note was found in which she blamed three female doctors for ragging and harassing her and said that they were the reason why she killed herself. 

The three doctors were Hema Ahuja, Bhakti Mehare and Ankita Khandelwal. They were arrested by the Mumbai police on 28th May. The three women have spent 70 days in jail. The Bombay High Court on 9th August granted them bail after receiving a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the CBI. Judge Sadhana Jadhav said that, strict rules have been given for the bail. Even though they are out on bail, they have to report to the Crime Branch every alternate day. They medical license has been suspended and they are not allowed to leave the city without the court’s permission. 

She said that Payal committed suicide because of their bad attitude and she will not spare anyone. The three girls have to bear the guilt of what they did for their entire lives. The Judge also said that colleges must be aware that it is their duty to protect children. Ragging must stop otherwise people will not send their girls to such colleges.