56 Tonne Bridge Vanishes in Russia
Jun 12, 2019

A 75 Feet long bridge weighing 56 Tonne has vanished in remote location in Russian city near the Arctic region.

In the small Russian region of Murmansk, a 56 tonne bridge over the Umbra River has gone missing. This 75 foot bridge was made of concrete and steel. The town is in a very remote location in the Arctic region of Russia. The region is nearly 2000km away from Moscow. In May reports started appearing on “VK” a Russian social media platform, pictures showed that part of the bridge was missing and lying in the water.

However after 10 days images showed that everything had been cleared and any debris or metal in the river was gone the local police said they do not know how this happened and are still looking for suspects. They say it was most probably thieves looking to sell the metal as scrap, as natural causes would not cause such a large bridge to collapse and the debris vanishing.