14-Year-Old Girl Dies After Mobile Explodes
Oct 5, 2019

In a freak accident, a 14-year-old girl from Kazakhstan dies after her phone explodes in the middle of the night.

A 14-year-old girl from Bastobe, Kazakhstan, went to sleep with the phone charging next to her pillow and listening to music on the phone. The next morning, her relatives found her dead with severe head injuries. The burnt phone was seen close to her head. Which shows that the phone might have exploded sometime at night, injuring and killing her on the spot.After her relatives informed the police of the incident, the police said the phone of the girl had been plugged into the charger where it caught on fire. 

Later, experts confirmed the battery of the phone had overheated from charging which is why the phone exploded and killed the girl. They also claimed that the explosion occurred in the early morning hours. These days it has become very normal for phones to catch fire due to overheating. This happens you charge the phone for a long time, software problems in the phone, running too many apps or using different adapters and charging wires. However in this case, the exact cause of the fire is not known. The brand of the phone is not known as well. Many mobiles have burst into fire over the past year such as the iPhone 6 and 03 iPhone Xs Max, and Xiaomi mobiles as well.