The Essence of Children’s Day
Nov 14, 2019

Watch our latest video to learn the essence of Children's day and its origin.

The first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. He loved children a lot and was fondly called ‘Chacha Nehru' which means Uncle Nehru Jawaharlal Nehru believed that it was important to love children because they are the future of India. This is why Children’s Day is celebrated every year on 14th November, which is his birthday. The idea of a universal Children's Day was suggested by Mr. V.K. Krishna Menon an Indian politician. This idea was then adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.

On November 20th the Declaration of the Child Rights was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly. This is why all around the world children’s day is celebrated on 20th November.  However, in India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday was declared as Children's Day and is celebrated annually because he loved and was very attached to children.There are many functions, events and programmes organized in schools, colleges, etc.  Many government departments, corporate institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) announce various schemes and organize a variety of competitions and events for the children. 

Schools have cultural programmes in which teachers get involved and perform for the students. Special television and radio programmes are aired for children on this day. For children, this is a day of joy, freedom and fun. We celebrate Children's Day in India to remember that it is very important to love children and give them proper guidance. If the environment and laws in a country are not good, then children will not be happy and they will grow up with many problems. This will affect the country because they are the future of India. 

This children’s day we must all work to make India a safe and happy place for children. In India children suffer from problems such as starvation, poor health, limited education, crimes such as sexual abuse, etc. We must be more aware about such problems and try to solve them. Today on Children’s day remember the child inside you Take the day enjoy with children around you. Happy Children’s Day everyone!