Six Must Drink Healthy Juices
Aug 25, 2019

Weight loss is a long-term process that requires planning, commitment, and making the right choices. Here is a video about six of the healthiest juices, that will help you stay fit and lose weight. So

Weight loss is a long-term process that requires planning, commitment, and making the right eating choices. These choices are very important as some food items are known to burn fat while others may make you put on more weight. Sipping juices regularly can be a great way to stay healthy, and shed extra calories.Here are six healthy juices you should include in your diet, for weight loss.

1.Cucumber Juice: 

Cucumber juice is mostly water. Thus, it is great for keeping you full and hydrated. The juice is very refreshing. Cucumber is also very high in fibers. What are fibers? Fibers are thread like filaments found in vegetables and fruits. They help regulate bowel movements, control sugar and cholesterol levels and many other benefits. 

2. Bitter Gourd/ Karela Juice: 

Karela juice is one of the healthiest juices. It is very High in nutrients, and low on calories. It helps in weight loss. 

3. Bottle Gourd/ Lauki Juice: 

92% of Bottle Gourd is water. It’s juice is very refreshing and high in vitamins. It helps to improve digestion and stimulate weight loss.

4. Watermelon juice:

 Watermelon is also high in water and has many important vitamins. The juice is sweet and you won’t even put on weight. Isn’t that perfect? Watermelon contains a chemical helps to burn fat and reduce weight. 

5. Orange Juice: 

Orange juice is very famous. Many people drink a glass of orange juice with breakfast. This a very good habit as it makes you very fresh. However did you know, it is loaded with essential vitamins.  Like Vitamin A which is important for your eyesight,  Vitamin C is important for glowing skin, healthy gums, bones,etc., Potassium which lowers blood pressure, keeps bones healthy and prevents kidney stones and Magnesium which keeps bones healthy and regulates sugar levels.

6. Gooseberry/Amla Juice: 

 Amla juice is the perfect way to begin your day. A glassful of Amla juice regularly keeps your digestive system and helps in weight loss.

Try to make a habit of drinking any one of the juices at least once a day. It will help it keep you healthy and also improve your skin, your energy levels and your digestion. Also remember fresh is best! So try to make the juices fresh and drink it immediately! Stay Healthy and Stay Happy!