Katrina Kaif’s Beauty Secret
May 17, 2020

Katrina Kaif is one of Bollywood’s most beautiful actresses. Watch our latest Health & Lifestyle video to learn her beauty secret.

Katrina Kaif is one of Bollywood’s most beautiful actresses. You all must be thinking that an actress like Katrina Kaif must be spending a lot of money to keep her skin young and glowing. You are wrong! 

Katrina uses a very easy and simple method that gives her skin an instant glow. Want to know Katrina’s secret? You will not believe it!  Katrina follows a very simple but effective idea. Ice Cold Facial! 

Every morning Katrina dunks her face 3 times in a bowl of ice-cold water. You too can start your morning with this simple method. Take a big bowl. Fill it with ice-cold water. Put a few ice cubes in it. Tie your hair back. Dunk your face in the bowl for 10 seconds. Remove it and repeat for 2 more times. Total 3 times. This ice-cold facial is a great way to start your morning. It makes you fresh. 

It is popular for beauty benefits also. The ice increases blood circulation. It reduces the puffiness. It reduces the redness of your skin. Wrinkles also become limited. The ice tightens the skin, closes large open pores and reduces oil secretion. Before going out if you do this ice facial, the ice will close the pores and the skin will be smooth. Then when you apply makeup it will be clean and not patchy. It will give you a smooth and flawless face. Would you now like to spend a lot of money on expensive facials? You can get the same only by an ice-cold facial at home!