Eating Vegetables V/s Drinking Vegetable Juice
Jan 3, 2021

You all also must have thought, is it better to eat your vegetables or is it better to drink them in the form of juice. See the video to know about Nutritionist Pooja Makhija’s answer.

You all also must have thought should you be eating your vegetables or drinking them in the form of juice. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija said that even she has been asked this question many times. 

In this video, I will tell you the benefits and losses of both eating the vegetable and drinking the juice.

1. Nutrient Loss in Chopping: You buy vegetables from the market, then store them in the refrigerator, then chop them for salads, then serve them and finally eat them. In this long time, you lose some nutrients from these vegetables or if you cook the vegetables and eat them in the form of sabzis, then you may lose even more nutrients, because of the heat. When we make juice of raw vegetables and drink them directly, the fibre and the nutrients remain in the juice. 

2.  Nutrient Loss in Body: While eating vegetables as salad or as cooked vegetables, in the process of chewing the release of vitamins and minerals from the vegetable into the body is slow. Also, some nutrients are lost inside the body due to the acid in the stomach. But drinking vegetable juice reduces the time of vegetables from the mouth to the stomach and there is no chewing. Hence it reduces nutrient loss inside the body. Drinking vegetable juice makes absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body faster.

3. Quantity: If you have to eat Spinach in the form of salad or subzi, you may only eat a little. Also, you cannot add many other vegetables to it. If you make spinach juice, you will have to make it from a whole bunch of spinach. So, you will be consuming more of it. You can also add many other vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, bottle gourd or any other vegetable of your choice.

I explained to you the difference between eating vegetables and drinking vegetable juice. But, remember you should not avoid sabzis or salads, and drink only glassfuls of veggie juice. You must eat your sabzis as always, but also drink a glass of raw vegetable juice every day. If you do both, your hair, skin, and immunity will be better.