India Gets Chief of Defence Staff After 20yrs
The Times Of India
Aug 17, 2019

Nearly 20 years after the Kargil war, India will finally have a Chief of Defence Staff to better efficiency among the armed forces and the government.

In his Independence Day speech, PM Modi said that India will now have a Chief of Defence Staff. This person will be the head of the Army, Navy and Air Force. CDS will advise the government regarding the military decisions will make sure there is coordination among the three forces. PM Modi said that this will make the Indian Army more strong.The CDS will now manage India’s defence resources and also India’s Nuclear weapons. It will also help in long term defence planning. The CDS will help the armed forces to connect with PM & Defence Minister and vice versa. The appointment of a tri-service chief has been a top priority for the Modi government in the Defence area.  

During the Kargil war, Pakistani soldiers entered India and occupied the mountains of Kargil. After this war, a committee was set up to find out why this happened. That time the committee had recommended a CDS so that the Army could coordinate better. However due to politics this decision was never made. The Prime Minister's announcement was immediately welcomed by former Army chief General Ved Prakash Malik (retd), who was Army chief during the Kargil War.Army chief General Ved Prakash Malik said  

that this is a historic decision and it will help to strengthen India’s defence.