Wife Says Yo Yo Honey Singh Attacked Her

The wife of singer Hirdesh Singh, who goes by the stage name Yo Yo Honey Singh, has approached a Delhi court alleging physical, mental and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband.

Hirdesh Singh is also known as Yo Yo Honey Singh. He is a famous rapper and singer. He was secretly dating Shalini Talwar for almost 20 year but never told anyone about this. Finally he got married to her in 2011. She has now filed a case against Honey Singh in a Delhi Court. In her complaint Shalini said that Honey Singh would never think twice before beating her. She said He mentally tortured and caused her many injuries to her body. Talwar also said that Honey Singh would earn Rs 4 crore a month from songs, performances and royalties and it is around that time he got addicted to alcohol, drugs, and anabolic drugs. He got arrogant and abusive and would have sex with multiple women. Talwar found out about his affair with a Punjabi actress and that he was not mentally stable. In April this year, the woman claimed she got Covid-19 and her oxygen levels depleted. She asked her husband for help, who allegedly did not answer her calls and was instead “sharing Covid help messages” on his social media. She said she had to herself get admitted to a hospital in Noida after her husband refused to help her. Talwar alleged that on one occasion, she was locked inside her room without food for more than 18 hours. She also alleged she was forced to quit her job.  

Honey Singh’s wife in her application stated that Singh had no regard for the law and openly included vulgarity in his songs, using derogatory lyrics for popularity. She has demanded a compensation of Rs 20 crore from him and asked the court to direct him to pay Rs 5 lakh per month for a fully furnished house in a reputed part of Delhi. She has also asked that her stridhan and dowry articles be returned to her. The judge Tania Singh has issued notice to the singer and given him time till August 28 to file a reply in the matter. Yo Yo Honey Singh is yet to release a statement about the allegations leveled against him.