Viral Video: Man Greets Delayed Delivery Man With Aarti

In the clip, a Zomato delivery agent is greeted by a customer with a plate for Aarti after he arrives 1 hour late.

When a delivery agent gets late in delivering a food item, then we usually expect the customer to scold him. But it is not always the case. Some people understand the struggle of these delivery agents getting through traffic. At least, this is what appears to be the case from a video shared by one Sanjeev Tyagi, which has become viral.  After placing the order, the agent arrived after an hour. The customer had to wait so long for this parcel. In the clip, a Zomato delivery agent is greeted by a customer with  aarti ki thali after he arrives. The customer applies ‘tika’ on the forehead of the delivery agent as he sings, “Aayiye, aapka intezaar tha.”He also sprinkles some holy water on him. In the caption of his video, the man wrote, “Getting your order despite “Dilli ka traffic”. Thank you Zomato.

The Zomato agent is clearly embarrassed but manages to smile. The reel has received 4.8 million views and 428k likes. The video attracted a wide range of reactions. Many people sarcastically pointed out how the delivery agent took off his helmet for the tilak. This is not the only video on social media in which a food delivery agent was appreciated. Earlier in July, a video went viral in which a Zomato delivery agent was seen carrying his children with him while delivering the order. 

Recently, another video was tweeted in which a Dunzo delivery agent was seen running to deliver a package to a woman standing at the door of a moving train. The man ran as fast as he could and successfully delivered the order. Delivery agents often have to face the ire of customers if their meals are delivered to them late. Very often these hardworking men and women are scolded by the irate customers who misbehave with these people, sometimes even resorting to physical violence, not realizing that these men and women are often risking their life delivering their food on time and earning peanuts for their efforts. Therefore, when one comes across such a sensitive customer who thanks the Zomato agent despite him being late helps restore our faith in humanity. What do you think about this? Do mention your thoughts in the comment section below.