Viral Fight Between Indigo Flight Attendant & Passenger

A video of an IndiGo air hostess getting into a heated argument with a passenger on a Delhi-bound flight from Istanbul went viral on social media.

A video of an IndiGo air hostess getting into a heated argument with a passenger on a Delhi-bound flight from Istanbul went viral on social media. The incident reportedly happened over meal choices. Here is what happened. The passenger asked for a sandwich and the crew told him they will check if the food item is available on the flight. But the man started shouting at the air-hostess, due to which she started crying. The girl’s colleague then went and spoke to the man. 

In the video, the girl said, "You are pointing fingers at me and yelling at me. My crew is crying because of you. Please try to understand, there is a cart and counted meals are uplifted (on the plane). We can only serve what your boarding pass says..." But before she could complete, the passenger shot back, "Why are you yelling?" "Because you are yelling at us," the air-hostess replies, raising her voice. Her colleague intervenes and tries to calm them down. "I am sorry, but you cannot talk to the crew like that. I am peacefully listening to you with all due respect, but you have to respect the crew as well," she is seen telling the passenger. The man asks while pointing fingers, "Where have I disrespected the crew?" to which the air-hostess again highlights the finger pointing. "Shut up," the man says. "You shut up," replies the air-hostess, adding that she is an employee of the company and he cannot talk to her like that. The man then says she is a servant, to which she again clarifies she is an employee. "I am not your servant." The fight then abruptly ends, and the air hostess colleague escorts her to the back of the plane. Then a screenshot of the incident was posted on Twitter with a text message. 

The message on the screenshot said that the video only reveals one side of the story. It further stated that “most of the passengers on the flight were particularly ill-mannered and were very rude to the crew”. It said, “They called them servants and were after their life for food when they knew that they were travelling on a low budget airline…I saw an air hostess crying before all this had happened…The flight crew is just doing their job with utmost integrity and hard work. They don't deserve to be treated this way.” The person who posted the message in the screenshot also said that they would be “more than willing” to serve as a witness of the incident. However, the video has divided the internet. While some users called the IndiGo crew hard working, others said they have observed a growing trend of crew members being impatient. Some said these day's flight attendants have become very rude and need to be polite. "These air hostesses work so hard, always smiling and open-hearted. If she is yelling at the passenger, that means something bigger must have happened," said another. Some supported the air hostess and asked Indigo not to take any action against the girl. They said air hostesses are generally very calm, if she lost her cool like that then something bad must have happened.