Tripura: 47 Students Died of HIV, 828 Tested Positive

In a shocking revelation, the Tripura State AIDS Control Society (TSACS) announced that 828 students have tested HIV-positive & 47 have died in Tripura.

In a joint media workshop conducted last week, the Tripura Journalist Union, Web Media Forum, and Tripura State AIDS Control Society (TSACS) revealed alarming news about the HIV situation in Tripura. 

Senior TSACS official, Bhattacharjee, announced that 828 students in Tripura have been registered as HIV-positive. Out of these, 47 have died, 572 are still in Tripura, and the rest have moved to other parts of India for higher studies or jobs. 

The revelation is shocking, with 5-7 new HIV cases being detected in the state every day. This data was collected from 164 health facilities covering almost all zones and subdivisions of Tripura.

These students, from 220 different schools and 24 colleges, are mostly involved in intravenous drug use, which is the main reason for the rapid increase in HIV infections among children and young adults. Most of the HIV-positive students belong to affluent families, where parents often work in government services and fulfill all their children's demands without realizing the drug problem until it is too late.

TSACS has urged families to be vigilant and proactive in addressing drug use among their children, stressing the importance of early detection and intervention.

Teenage Pregnancy Shocks Karnataka

In another shocking incident, a 17-year-old girl in class 11 at a private pre-university college in Kolar, Karnataka, gave birth to a baby in the college's women's toilet. 

Neither her college nor her parents were aware of her pregnancy. The college staff immediately took the girl and her baby to the nearest hospital and informed her parents.

Reports revealed that the girl had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for two years and had recently become pregnant. The boyfriend is currently missing, and the girl's parents have filed a complaint at the Kolar Women's Police Station. 

A female police officer said their department has launched a search for the girl's boyfriend. She expressed surprise that neither the girl's parents nor her college teachers and classmates knew about her pregnancy. The officer remarked, “It is still a mystery how the family failed to notice the pregnancy and why she hid the information.”

The officer, with the help of a female counsellor, will speak to the girl after a few days, as she is currently recovering from delivering her baby without any medical help.

These incidents highlight significant health and social issues in different parts of India, calling for increased awareness and action from both families and authorities.