Tania Chakraborty Arrested For Blackmailing Deaf Girls

A Deaf woman named Tania Chakraborty has been arrested for allegedly blackmailing poor Deaf women into a sex racket.

ISH News had earlier released a video of a Deaf couple Sanjib Chakraborty & his wife Tania Chakraborty. 

In that video, we had told about how the couple blackmailed poor Deaf girls to have sex with different men in West Bengal. You can check out the entire news on this link: Kolkata: Deaf Couple Blackmail Deaf Girl | ISH News

After receiving the complaint, the police of Khardah Police Station in West Bengal started an investigation. 

Sanjeev Chakraborty was arrested. He is now in jail custody. However his wife Tania was not arrested. Tortured young Deaf women had been protesting for two months and demanded the police arrest to arrest Tania. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee then ordered the police to arrest Tania. The police then traced Tania’s phone and found that she was hiding in her mother's house in Barakpur. The police then raided the place and arrested her. 

Tania hid next to a gas cylinder in the kitchen to avoid arrest during a police raid. But the police finally caught her. She will be kept in police jail till 6 April, then she will be taken to court and the court will decide what to do next. Tania is being interrogated to find out who else is involved in the sex racket.