Taapsee Pannu’s Movie Thappad Banned

Taapsee Pannu’s latest film Thappad is in a soup due to her participating in the controversial protests against the CAA.

Taapsee Pannu’s new film has recently been released. The name of the movie is Thappad. Taapsee has always been very outspoken on social media.The actress had joined a peaceful protest at Carter Road in Mumbai, supporting students of Jawaharlal Nehru University in January, who were attacked by a masked mob in January. Because of this her latest movie ‘Thappad’ is in big trouble. Now #BoycottThappad has been trending on social media. People are encouraging everyone to ban the movie Thappad as Taapsee was involved in an anti-CAA protest.People on the internet are saying she is anti-national that by taking part in such protests she is against the country. 

Taapsee responded by saying that "for so long I haven't expressed my views on CAA because I haven't studied about it. But when I saw the images of the protest I felt very bad. I felt really sad when I saw the videos where students were talking about their plight. I feel something big has happened or something big is going to happen.”In the movie Thappad, Taapsee is playing the role of a wife who decides to leave her husband after he slaps her in a party in front of everyone. The movie forces people to think about women’s issues.