Shivsena Leader’s Son Kills Couple with His BMW, Woman Dies

Shinde’s Shiv Sena’s Palghar Deputy leader, Rajesh Shah’s 24-year-old son Mihir Shah hit a couple with his speeding BMW & dragged the wife for 1.5 km before running away from the site.

A tragic incident in Mumbai has drawn parallels to the infamous Pune Killer Porsche case. On 7th July 2024, Mihir Shah, the 24-year-old son of Eknath Shinde's Shiv Sena Palghar Deputy Leader Rajesh Shah, hit a couple on a two-wheeler with his speeding BMW. 

Incident Details

Pradip Nakhaw, 50, and his wife Kaveri Nakhaw, 45, residents of Worli’s Koliwada area, were returning home from Sassoon Dock early in the morning. At around 5:30 am, near Atria Mall, Mihir’s speeding BMW struck them from behind. The impact caused Pradip and Kaveri to fall onto the car’s bonnet. Kaveri got stuck beneath the car and was dragged for 1.5 km before Mihir stopped the vehicle, removed the unconscious Kaveri, and left her at the spot. 

Mihir then switched seats with his driver, Rajrishi Bidawat, who reversed the car, running over Kaveri again, and fled the scene. Pradip sustained injuries, but Kaveri suffered severe cuts, fractures, and internal injuries. She died during surgery at the hospital.

Aftermath and Investigation

Pradip has filed a complaint against Mihir for culpable homicide. The Mumbai police confirmed Mihir as the driver after reviewing CCTV footage. They discovered Mihir had partied with friends at a Juhu bar earlier that morning. After the accident, Mihir and Rajrishi drove to Bandra, where the BMW broke down. They attempted to tamper with the car's number plates and stickers. Mihir then called his father Rajesh, who advised him to flee and ordered Rajrishi to take responsibility.

Mihir has been untraceable since. Police found his Palghar residence locked. Rajesh Shah inspected the accident site and the car in Kalanagar, where he was caught by the police. Rajrishi has been arrested, and Rajesh was detained for giving misinformation and destroying evidence. Both were produced in court on 8th July 2024, where Rajrishi confessed. Rajesh received bail for ?15,000.

Public Reaction

Pradip demands harsh punishment for the "murder of his wife." He believes Kaveri could have been saved if Mihir had stopped the car in time. Pradip said, "We lost everything. My wife is gone, but the accused should get stringent punishment."

The Juhu bar owner claimed Mihir only drank Red Bull. The police are reviewing the bar’s CCTV footage to confirm this. Mumbai Police have formed 11 teams and involved the Crime Branch to arrest Mihir. A Look Out Circular (LOC) has been issued to prevent him from leaving India.

Maharashtra Chief Minister and Shiv Sena chief Eknath Shinde stated, "No one, whether rich, influential or the offspring of bureaucrats or ministers, affiliated with any party, will have immunity as long as I am the Chief Minister." 

The public awaits justice for Kaveri Nakhaw as the search for Mihir Shah continues.