Sadhu Narendra Giri Commits Suicide Due to BlackMail
The Print
Sep 22, 2021

A suicide note written by Mahant Narendra Giri, states the seer feared that his disciple would morph one of his photos with a woman in an intimate position and make it viral.

Mahant Narendra Giri, president of the Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad (ABAP). ABAP is the largest grouping of sadhus in India. He was also the head of the Baghambari Math in Pragyaraj, Uttar Pradesh. The Baghambari Math is very very rich and has lots of money and land. Narendra Giri was deeply respected by thousands of people. Even PM Modi respected him a lot. The seer was living at the Baghambari Math in Pragyaraj.  Anand Giri was a disciple of NG but he was removed from the Baghambari Mutt for being in constant touch with his family, which is against the rules of being a sanyasi. Aanand had later accused Narendra Giri of land fraud and corruption but apologised later. However, in shocking news, on 20 September the seer went missing. When his disciples went to check his room, the door was locked. They then broke open the door and found that Giri had committed suicide by hanging himself from a cieling fan in his room.  They quickly cut the rope and got the body down but Narendra Giri had already passed away. 

His suicide came a huge shock and many politicians and even PM posted condolences on social media. The police were immediately called and a 7-page suicide note was found in the room. The first thing to notice in the suicide note is that it was actually dated 13 sept but it was scratched and made to 20 sept. According to the alleged suicide note, Narendra Giri, said, “I wanted to hang himself on 13 sept but did not have the strength but he finally made up his mind on 20 sept. I found out that Anand Giri, my disciple, will morph my photos with a woman in an intimate position and make it viral. I thought who all will I give an explanation to. After police investigations people will eventually know the truth that I never did that with any woman, but by then my image will get spoiled. I hold a very prestigious position and this will destroy my respect. I cannot live to see that, so, I am committing suicide. People say I have stolen money from people and that I am corrupt but it's not at all true. I request my followers to make me samadhi near a tree at the park inside the mutt where I would pray.” 

The police have detained Anand Giri and he is being questioned. Arrests are very likely. The police have said NG’s body has been sent for postmortem. They suspect Narendra Giri committed suicide because he was felt he was being blackmailed by his disciple and was in a bad mental state. Since many of Narendra Giri’s disciples entered the room where he allegedly hanged himself and took down his body, many fingerprints have been found strewn across the room. Now it will be difficult for the police to conduct the investigation and use fingerprints. Although the suicide note clearly mentions AG blackmailed NG, the police is yet to verify whether the letter was indeed written by AG or not. Narendra Giri’s body was kept in a casket at the Baghambari Math as crowds poured to look at him for the last time. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath too visited the mutt. Many feel it is not a case of suicide and could be murder because of the Baghambari Math has a lot of money and land.