Request Amit Shah To Make ISL Official Language

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) has urged everyone to write to the Home Ministry to make Indian Sign Language the 23rd official language of India.

In India there are 22 languages that have been made official by the government such as Tamil, Telugu, Kanada, Gujarati, etc. NAD has been advocating to the government to make Indian Sign Language the 23rd official language of India. NAD’s President A.S.Narayan has sent multiple letters to the Home Ministry demanding Sign Language to put in the Constitution and made official. This is now under process. Now Winter Session of the Parliament started from 18th November to 13th December. This when all the MLAs will talk about important topics and laws. NAD has urged everyone to request the Home Ministry to make Sign Language official. 

NAD has urged everyone to write individual letters to the Home Ministry. When the Home Ministry sees that there is a strong demand for sign language they will present this in front of the parliament and begin a discussion where they will as the MLAs to approve and put it in the constitution. You all can send letters. Don’t worry it is not at all difficult. Here is the format of the letter. All you have to do is write your details such as name, address and phone number. Once you finish you have sent it by speed post to the Home Minister Amit Shah on this address. 

Social media is also very powerful. Especially Twitter. Since many prominent Ministers are very active on Twitter. All you have to do is copy paste this post on twitter. 

For Twitter copy paste the following post: 

@AmitShah @HomeAffairsMin Demand to include Indian Sign Language (ISL) in 8th Schedule of Indian Constitution-Table Amendment in Winter Session of Parliament.#NADIndia #IndianSignLanguageasAnOfficialLanguageRecognition @IndianSignLanguage @TCGEHLOT @socialpwds @MSJEGOI @india_nad

Download this document for the format of the letter:

We need to make this viral on social media. Share this video with your friends, Family, associations and tell them to send letters to the home Minister and tweet as well. Sign Language is the right of every Deaf individual in India. Make sure everyone around you participates in this campaign. 


Mr. A.S.Narayanan's name has been incorrectly spelt in the video. 
There are MPs and not MLAs in the Indian parliament.