Rape Survivor’s Baby Sold

In a tragic incident, a Panchayat in Bihar ordered a rape survivor to sell her baby.

In a shocking incident, a Panchayat in Bihar said that a 15-year-old girl was responsible for her rape. Let me tell you about what exactly happened. In Katra, Bihar local families would often send food to Maulana Maqbool at the local Mosque.The girl’s families would send the girl to give food to the Maulana. 

One day, the Maulana gave her sweets which had sedatives and raped her. He then continued to rape her repeatedly for two months and told her to keep qu8iet or he would kill her.Then local youth found out that the Maulana was raping the girl. But instead of helping, he also started raping her. Because of the continuous rapes, the girl became pregnant. The girl then went to the Katra Panchayat and told them about the rape. She asked them to help her as she was pregnant. 

But instead of helping her they said that the rape was her fault and said that she should have been more careful.  The Panchayat ordered that the baby be sold and the money should be given to the girl.Muhammad Sadre, a member of the Katra Masjid Committee said that the baby was born last month and was sold for Rs 1 lakh. He tried to stop this but could not. The girl then approached the local police because no one helped her.  The police have started investigations but can not find the two rapists.