Pune Police Issue Update About SAE & PIFGS in Deaf Scam Case

There is an update in the double money scam that shook the entire Deaf Community. ISH News interviewed API Amol Kale and got details about the entire incident which we share in this video. Keep watchi

Suyog Mehta (33), Chanchal Mehta (32), Pradeep Kolte (29), Abhijar Ghodnadiwala (32), Dhananjay Jagtap (35), and Mihir Gokhale (35)  had been arrested by the Pune Police in December 2021. The double money scam had been caught by the police and it shook the entire Deaf Community. 


Recently the Pune Police released a press release which was shared with ISH News. Our team interviewed API Amol Kale and got details about the entire incident which we will now share with ISH News. 


In an update, Mihir Gokhale (35) became the 6th person to be arrested. The 6 people were arrested because a man named Harshal Pinjane first came forward and had filed a case against his Rs 8 lakh getting duped. His complaint claimed that Suyog took money from the Deaf and Deaf-Blind promising to double the money in 60 days. However, they never returned the money. The police then began an inquiry and arrested these 6 people.  They found that 570 Deaf people have been duped of Rs 5 crore in total. An interpreter named Dinesh Pardeshi helped interpret during the investigation. 


They have been booked under  


  • IPC Section 420 -  Cheating - Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property.

  • Section 406 - Breach of trust 

  • Section 409 - Criminal breach of trust by public servant, or by banker, merchant or agent

  • Section 34 -  Acts done by several persons having common intention.—When a criminal act is done by several persons with a common intention of all, each of such persons is liable for that act in the same manner as if it were done by him alone.

  • MPID Act section 3 - Fraudulent default by financial establishment

  • MPID Act section 4 - 

  • Information Technology Act Section 66D - Punishment for cheating by personation by using computer resource


  • IPC Section 420, 406, 409 & 34

  • MPID Act section 3 & 4

  • Information Technology Act Section 66D 


The 6 of them are in Yerwada Jail. None of them has gotten bail yet. 


The kingpin of the scam was Suyog Mehta. Since he was jobless in 2015, he contacted a man in Gujarat and learnt forex from him. Then Sujyog caught hold of a Deaf man in Mumbai and learnt how to play mind games with the Deaf and lure them into the fraudulent double money scam. He was already into the MLM scam. Suyog & Abhi enterprises and Platinum Investments & finance Global Solutions were companies started by Suyog-Abhijar and Jagtap respectively. However, they all had the same offices which point to the fact that the entire scam was linked. Despite not having proper knowledge about forex, Suyog lured people to make hefty investments and promised to double the money in 60 days. He returned the money to some while some did not get anything. The police also said that Suyog & gang lured Deaf people to bring in hefty investments from others in return for Activa, laptops, gold, jewellery, mobile, etc.  The entire scam is being investigated by the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) in Pune. 


Now the API Amol Kale working in the EOW wants to give a special message to Deaf Community through ISH News. 


The EOW is doing a Forensic Audit to find out from whom Suyog and the gang took the money and how they made it double. All those who profited from the scheme will be caught. 


However, API Kale has requested these people have to come forward: 


  1. Those who made a profit after investing in the scam have to return the profit earnt. They have to get to the Police Commissioner's office in Pune. They have to carry a DD in the name of District Judge Pune. They also have to carry their bank statements which show how much they invested and what was the profit earnt. Along with an application letter with the same details. 


  1. Those who invested money and made a loss, also have to go to Police Commissioner's office in Pune. Take your bank statement showing the particular investment and an application letter. 


Those who were involved have to come to the Pune Police Commissioner’s office. You can visit the office from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. 


Those who have legitimate medical reasons for not being able to travel can send the details by post.Make sure you attach a doctor’s certificate for the same. 


Till now Deaf individuals have come forward and returned a total of Rs 32 lakh. 


API Kale has urged the Deaf Community to come forward with whatever money they have earned. This is because many Deaf sold their jewellery, land, businesses, etc. to invest in the scheme for their child’s education, hospital treatment, etc now they are all suffering. If you want the Deaf Community to develop, come forward with your profits. So that money can be used to return to the Deaf. Even those who received gifts like a car, activa, laptop, jewellery, 2% commission, laptop, etc. that received a commission for luring investors in the scheme, were all paid through the fraud money. Come forward and return all of this. It is money taken from the Deaf. The police have said that those who come forward and honestly return the money earnt will become witnesses and no case will be filed on them. However, once the investigation is over, the cops will start catching people. Once they start catching people they will become criminals and strict action will be taken then. Now the choice is yours. The forensic audit is currently going. Once that is done, a charge sheet will be prepared and all the names of the culprit will be mentioned. The case will go to court and punishment will be given.