PM Modi Supports Indian Sign Language

PM Modi has also supported the Indian Sign Language! Let us tell you what else he said in his speech in his 93rd episode of radio talk Mann Ki Baat.

ISH News had recently released a video named ‘Why are Deaf Stupid?’. Many Deaf people related to the video and everyone stressed on the importance of Sign Language for the Deaf. 

If you have missed watching the video, then click on the link -

Now it seems like Prime Minister Narendra Modi also feels the same! Yes, PM Modi has also supported Indian Sign Language! Let me tell you what else he said in his speech in his 93rd episode of radio talk Mann Ki Baat’. Modi said: For many years in India there were no standard expressions for Sign Language. To overcome these difficulties, in 2015 ISLRTC was set up. I am happy to say that ISLRTC created an ISL dictionary with 10,000 words! Videos of the dictionary have been shared a lot. Plus, on YouTube, there are many channels that are creating videos in Sign Language. Lakhs of Deaf in India are benefiting because of this. 2 days back on 23rd September, which is Sign Languages Day, many school courses have also been launched in sign language, he said.  Even the National Education Policy has created many rules to emphasize the use of Indian Sign Language. The Prime Minister cited examples where sign language immensely benefited people in different States.

Pooja, who hails from Haryana, is very happy with the Indian sign language. Earlier, she was not able to communicate with her son, but after going through sign language training in 2018, the lives of both mother and son have become easier. Manju of Kerala has also benefited a lot from these efforts. She has not been able to hear since birth. Not only that, this has been the situation in the lives of her parents as well. In such a situation, sign language has become a means of communication for the whole family. Like that he gave many examples of how hearing parents learn Sign Language for their Deaf children, which helped them communicate with each other. I am talking about creating awareness in India. If everyone learns Sign Language, then it will be very helpful to all my Deaf brothers and sisters. Isn’t that amazing! Like PM Modi said, awareness is key. We have to keep creating awareness. How will we do that? Share video link of ISH News video ‘Why Deaf are Stupid?’. Share with all hearing people in your life. ISH News has always worked hard to give accessibility to the Deaf and we will continue to do it. Moreover, Ranveer Singh has been constantly urging authorities to consider and declare Indian Sign Language (ISL) as the 23rd official language of India.