PM Modi’s 2019 Independence Day Speech

PM Modi addressed the nation on Independence Day yesterday for the 6th time at the Red Fort, Delhi. He delivered an impactful speech that focussed primarily on the country’s development.

PM Modi gave the Independence Day speech yesterday for the 6th time at the Red Fort, Delhi. PM Modi spoke about issues like Article 370, water conservation. Let me give you the highlights of his speech. PM Modi said that within 70 days of the new government, they removed the Article 370 which was not done in the last 70 years. Now every Indian can say confidently 'One Nation, One Constitution'. The government has also taken many decisions for the welfare of the people. The made Triple Talaq illegal and also started various schemes for farmers. 

PM Modi says the government will focus on "Jal Jivaan Mission" a water conservation project which will help provide clean drinking water. Both Central and the state government will work together for this. A total of ?3.70 lakh crore has been allotted for this mission. He also spoke about the increase in population of the country. The Prime Minister told everyone in the country to understand the importance of birth control in the nation. Increasing population will create various problems for the coming generations. Those who follow the policy of small family will help India develop. It is a way to serve your country. He said that we need to create social awareness in the country. 

He has allotted a total of Rs. ?100 lakh crore for new infrastructure in the country such as roads, railways, bridges, hospitals, etc. The government is also working to make improve business in India. They want business to become easy so the country develops. He told everyone to stop corruption and black money. On October 2, He has told everyone to promise to completely remove Plastic from India. He told everyone that, on Diwali we must gift people cloth bags instead of plastics. PM Modi also urged the startups  to come up with ideas to recycle plastics in the country. PM Modi said all citizens must use products Made-in-India. We must respect all those who are starting a business, creating jobs and money in the country. These people are helping the country develop.