Pakistan Approves Chemical Castration of Rapists

Pakistan’s Cabinet has approved two anti-rape rules. One is for the chemical castration of rapists with the consent of the convict and setting up of Special Courts for rape trials.

A meeting of the Cabinet committee headed by Pakistan Federal Law Minister Farogh Naseem on Thursday 26th November approved two rules to prevent rapes in the country. One is for the chemical castration of rapists with the permission of the criminal. Chemical Castration is where a man is given drugs to reduce their sexual desires & feelings. Second is setting up of Special Courts for rape cases. According to Pakistan Law Minister Naseem, it is compulsory under international law to take consent of the convict before castrating him. In case chemical castration is ordered without taking consent, the convict might challenge this in court.

If a convict would not agree to castration, he would be dealt with the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) under which the court might award him death sentence, life imprisonment or 25-year jail term. However, it is up to the Court to decide the punishment. The new rules also provide for setting up of Special Courts to conduct trial in rape cases. Special prosecutors for the special courts will also be appointed. Anti-rape departments will be set up to ensure rape cases are registered quickly and all the process like medical examination, forensic analysis is done quickly.