Orjet Foundation Empowers Deaf Children

The NGO Orjet foundation was founded by a Deaf individual Mr. Sarvesh Jain with the objective of encouraging development and providing early childhood education to Deaf children. Their latest 3-month

Sarvesh Jain is Deaf and he is the Financial Director of Orjet Intermediates Pvt. Ltd. His father Mr. Roshan Jain is the Director of the company. Sarvesh's younger brother Aman Jain, is the marketing head of the company. The three of them have been running the business for a long time. Sarvesh had studied at Gallaudet University in Washington DC, USA. He secured a B.A. degree in Business Management. After completing his education he returned to India in 2016. Ever since, he has been extremely motivated to support Deaf individuals. Recently Sarvesh founded the NGO called Orjet Foundation. This is its Sign name. Sarvesh Jain, Roshan Jain & Aman Jain are its trustees.

What is the objective of the Orjet Foundation?

Across India, Deaf children and the youth receive substandard education. Orjet Foundation aims to encourage early education among Deaf Children as they are quick learners. Creating a strong foundation of Indian Sign Language (ISL) among them, makes them strong to achieve their dreams in the future. A strong foundation is important to succeed. The Foundation strongly encourages Deaf children to study and provides them with quality education. They provide regular scheduled virtual classes for Deaf children, with the aim of providing an interactive education for the Deaf and promoting knowledge development. This will ensure strong communication skills.

Mr. Manan Shah is the Course Facilitator and Manager at Orjet Foundation. Manan has a lot of experience and has taken part in various workshops, conferences, lectures, etc in India & abroad. He participated in Denmark's Frontrunners programme. He was part of the Frontrunners7 where he was trained in international youth Deaf leadership. Manan has also had the experience of being a Deaf interpreter. As a Deaf interpreter he helped interpret languages such as International Sign Language, ASL, etc into ISL. Like that he has had a lot of experience and now is the Course Facilitator and Manager at Orjet Foundation. On 3rd May 2021 Manan conducted virtual classes. These classes were for DEAF children between the ages of 2.5 years to 10 years. Such types of early education is very crucial for Deaf children. Since their minds are like sponges, they are able to quickly grasp ISL, interact, build IQ etc. and this gives them an advantage once they grow up as ISL is a native language of the Deaf. Once they are able to master ISL, it becomes easier for them to pick up other languages such as Gujarati, Tamil, English, Hindi etc.

Learning ISL first ensures easy reading & writing of other languages. This is why the course was conducted for 3-months. 24 children participated in this. During the course, the children were taught through a PPT which was perfectly suitable for the Deaf and had many visual aids to keep children interested. Since the students & teachers were Deaf, it created an attentive, interactive and humorous learning atmosphere. These skills will help them navigate through life easily and reduce barriers. This was the aim of the 3-month course.

Students really enjoyed the jokes, quiz, building IQ, etc. They were taught about colours, numbers, parts of the body, diseases, technology, etc. Children were also told stories in ISL which promoted learning and mesmerised them. There were various topics such as Proud to be Deaf, Deaf Can do and various other topics were taught in the span of 3 months. The Deaf children thoroughly enjoyed it because they were able to relate to the teacher who was Deaf like them and taught them in fluent Sign Language. Many of the students even created videos of themselves in Sign Language.

The children were very confident and expressive! This is because they were taught in their native language which is ISL and they could grasp it quickly! Once this is done, they can easily pick up languages such as Gujarati, Tamil, English, etc. Mastering ISL will help them pick up any language.

They will be able to navigate life without any difficulty. Once the children grow up, they won't have to depend on others. They will be independant. This is why ISL must be encouraged among children.

We applaud Orjet Foundations initiative to empower Deaf children so that they have a brighter future. Cheers to their noble initiative!

If you want your Deaf child to take part in this class, you can apply! You can contact them on WhatsApp, 4G JIO video call & email. You can contact them for queries between 10am-6pm.

Here are the contact details : 

Contact : +919016365442  ( WhatsApp / 4G JIO Video Call ) 

Time : 10 am to 6 pm.

Email ID : orjetfoundation@gmail.com