Mumbai: Amid Rains Boy Delivers Food on Horse

In a shocking incident which has been reported from Mumbai, a Swiggy delivery boy has gone viral on social media after using a horse to deliver food orders.

Mumbai is known for heavy rains. Every year during the rainy season there is water logging, heavy traffic, and delayed trains. It becomes a big task to travel across the city during rains in Mumbai. However, a strange incident of a Swiggy delivery boy  from Mumbai has gone viral on social media. In a video, it was seen that the delivery person was traveling on the back of a horse to deliver food packages as roads were flooded due to constant heavy rainfall in the city. The unique delivery came to people’s notice after a short clip was shared on several social media platforms. Several internet users praised the delivery person for his dedication. One user jokingly wrote, “Now this is what I call ‘Shahi delivery'”. Another said, “I hope he is not delivering pizza”. Moreover, soon after the video went viral on social media, Swiggy twitted and said that despite using all their resources, they could not find the man riding the horse. 


Swiggy even announced a 5000 Rupees cash reward to anyone who will let them know about this man riding the horse. The amount will be directly credited to the user's Swiggy wallet in the Swiggy app. They also said that they have a few questions for the man in the video. They have questions like “Who is this young star riding a horse?” “What is the name of his horse? Why is he so determined to cross the streets of Mumbai during heavy rains?” What is he carrying in his bag and where does he park his horse while he delivers his order? What do you think about this delivery method? Do mention your thoughts in the comment section below.