Mumbai Lost Rs 14,000 crore to Floods

A research conducted by the USTDA has proven that between 2005-2015, Mumbai has suffered a loss of Rs 14,000 crore due to floods.

A research by the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) and the accounting company KPMG has said that between 2005 and 2015, Mumbai has lost more than Rs 14,000 crore. This is the first time such a report has been created. It has been submitted to the government. The report said that between this time, more than 3000 people died. However during the 26th July 2005 floods 1000 people died in 24-hours. Every year there are heavy rains in Mumbai due to which the entire city stops functions. The floods affect the trains, traffic and people can’t even get out of their house. This year alone, the city stopped working 3 times because of the rains. For the first time in years, the Western Railways was flooded and the flood in kurla was waist-deep which is why 1500 people had to be evacuated. 

This shows that the government is more focussed to making infrastructure development but does think about the various dangers that come with it. The government is not identifying areas that are prone to floods and trying to solve problems. Now the government wants to build a car shed for the Metro at Aarey Colony. They will do this by cutting 2700 fully grown trees. These trees help to hold water flow to the mithi river during heavy rains. If the trees are cut, the water will directly flow into the river leading to floods like last week.  The report advised use use drones, satellite images and emergency mobile apps to help in such dangerous situations.