Man Paid Rs. 88 Lakh to Become 7 Inches Taller

A man in the United States spent Rs 88 lakh to increase his height by seven inches. Check out the video for more details.

A man in the United States spent Rs 88 lakh to increase his height by seven inches. The man, identified as 33-year-old Brian Sanchez, is a body builder from Georgia in the United States. He decided to increase his height despite. He said, "I realized that my legs were always looking weird, and I didn’t know what it was."He revealed that he realised that there was a discrepancy after a comparison with his brother-in-law. After extensive research, Sanchez stumbled upon the concept of leg lengthening surgeries and found it to be the answer to his concerns. With his mind made up, Sanchez boarded a plane bound for Turkey, where he sought treatment at the Live Life Taller clinic. Sanchez underwent an operation in December 2022 which involved dismantling the tibia and fibula, inserting a rod within the bones, and securing them with screws. Later, fixators were used to connect the bones, which caused open wounds that needed care.

In March 2023, Sanchez had a second operation to increase the length of his femur. The cost of this operation was Rs 57.5 lakh, but the recovery process after the second operation was smoother and by the end of the process, Sanchez's height had increased by three-and-a-half inches. Currently wheelchair-bound, Sanchez eagerly awaits his full recovery and the chance to stand tall at around 6 feet 7 inches. He envisions a future where he can fully embrace his newfound height, not only for aesthetic purposes but also to experience a different perspective on the world. While some may question the necessity and the hefty price tag associated with his decision, Sanchez holds no regrets. He is optimistic that the results will bring him the satisfaction and confidence he sought. As he eagerly awaits a reunion with his wife, who is significantly taller, Sanchez anticipates the joy of embracing her from a higher vantage point. Another American man spent Rs 1.4 crore to become taller. Height lengthening surgeries have become very common these day.