Maharashtra: Children Can Now Get Freedom from Homework?

Maharashtra School Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar wants to end the system of giving homework to children from school.

We have all done homework during our school days, and everyone knows how much we hated it as kids. Years passed, everything changed, but the idea of homework remained in place. However, now small school children from 1st to 4th grade can get freedom from home work. Maharashtra State School Education Minister  Deepak Kesarkar wants to end the system of giving homework to children from school. He says that he will make a decision on this after talking to education experts. If at the government level, in the upcoming academic session starting next year, homework will be stopped from the schools to the children of classes 1 to 4, then it will reduce the burden of studies on young children to some extent. They will get more time to play. Artistry will grow in them. However, he referred to this as his personal  opinion.

This is a big decision. Before taking it, teacher organizations, school operators, etc. will also have to be consulted. Only then can a decision be taken. I want that education should not be a burden on the children. Along with studies, there should be mental development of the children. Homework should not become a way for teachers to escape their responsibility. Teachers should teach the students in such a way that children can understand easily in less time, so that they do not need homework. If such a decision is taken by the Education Department of Maharashtra, then it will be a big change. 

However, how likely will it be and will it be recognized? This will be known only after the meeting of the concerned department and people. What do you think about this? Do you think small students should get freedom from homework? Do you support this opinion or do you have a different one? Mention your thoughts in the comment section below.