Learn about Karma & Shri Krishna in ISL

Spiritual Guru Anantadev Ji has created videos about Karma and Shri Krishna in Indian Sign Language, which will be completely accessible to the Deaf.

Anantadev Ji took birth in Mumbai in 1954, was deafened at the age of one and was educated in Mumbai. In 1980 he was perhaps the deaf person to pass BA in Mumbai. In Mumbai Shri Anantadev Ji took up Krishna consciousness as a full -time devotee in 1981 after he was in search of Truth for a few years. Afterwards, he did many spiritual social works for the deaf all over India, in the USA (in 1986) and in the UK (in 2000). He has been invited to give spiritual lectures on Bhagavad Gita in many parts of India. In 1986 in Washington D.C., USA for one day he gave a speech to the deaf students of religion and philosophy at the famous university 'Gallaudet University' and received a beautiful appreciation letter from the hearing professor of religion and philosophy.

Anantadev Ji settled in Bangalore in 1992. He had his new trust 'UNIVERSAL SANATANA DHARMA' (USD) registered in Bengaluru in 2007. USD is entirely based on voluntary donations. USDD (Deaf) is one of the wings of USD. With some deaf persons, Anantadev Ji held the First International Conference for Spiritual Life and Vision in Mumbai in 2009. He became the official Guru in 2014. And he encourages people to get closer to their positive life and Shri Krishna. Shri Anantadev Ji wants all Deaf People to know that they can do anything. Just like how hearing people learn about Lord Krishna and Karma through lectures, now even Deaf people can learn through ISL videos which have subtitles and voice. 

Shri Anantadev Ji has created a video on Youtube where you learn about the importance of karma, how to increase it and learn about Krishna. His centres are presently located at Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune. He hopes that USD will go not only nationally but also internationally. One of Anantadev Ji’s aims is to spread spiritual messages of love, peace and compassion over the world.

You can click on this link to see the entire video.