Lauren Ridloff Becomes 1st Deaf Superhero in ‘Eternals’

Marvel Studios' Eternals launched the first-ever deaf superhero with Lauren Ridloff, inspiring a rise in people wanting to learn sign language.

‘Eternals’ is a superhero movie created by Marvel Studios which is a production house. The movie uses high technology with difficult action scenes and amazing graphics. However there is one big surprise in the movie. Generally superheroes have always been hearing or able bodied characters. However, for the first time, there is a Deaf-Superhero! Lauren Ridloff is playing the character of Makkari who is a Deaf superhero! And do you know what the best part is, Ridloff was born Deaf. A Deaf person is playing a Deaf character. Many have said that her acting is outstanding. In the movie Lauren communicates using Sign Language. 

Makkari’s role has provided much-needed focus and visibility to the deaf community. It has been found that the film and her character have resulted in a significant rise in people wanting to learn sign language. 

There have been many google searches for ‘learn sign language for beginners. Lauren Ridloff was born in Chicago, United States. She was born Deaf to hearing parents, a Mexican-American father and an African-American mother.Her parents thought their infant had a developmental delay, but by the time she was two years old, they learned that she was deaf. They learned sign language with her and enrolled her in a Deaf school named Children of Peace Catholic School, the only Catholic school for deaf and hard of hearing children in Chicago. She has acted in plays, a TV series called the Walking Dead, she was also the first deaf American cheerleader to compete internationally and now she is acting in Eternals. Lauren feels overwhelmed to see the scale of impact her character has had on the world. On Twitter, the actress expressed her joy and urged people to learn sign language.