Kerala’s 60yr Old Labourer Turns Model | ISH News

This new model’s pictures went viral on social media. He, however, is a 60 year old labourer from Kerala.

I am sure you have seen this picture on social media as it has gone viral. Do you know who this man is? And why has he become so famous?  Well keep watching the video to know his story! 

This man is actually a 60-year-old daily wage worker from Kerala's Kozhikode district. His name is Mammikka. He was spotted by a photographer named Shareek Vayalil. Shareek took his photo and posted it on his Facebook page. Shareek said that he got a great response when he posted Mammikka’s photos on Facebook as people said he resembled actor Vinayakan, who works in the Malayalam film industry. Following this, the photographer asked Mammikka to pose for a wedding suit company that he owns. For this purpose, the wage worker went through a complete makeover, which was also captured and turned into a short video story. Initially Mammikka was a simple labourer in a pink shirt and lungi. Later the photographer took him to the salon, trimmed his beard, his hair and he even got a facial. He then wears a well fitting suit and is posing for the camera! The video went viral on social media. 

Although Mammikka does not speak any other language apart from Malayalam, he is open to modelling offers now and is grateful for his newfound fame.  But for now, he has gone back to his usual work and routine. 

Similarly there was another story of a blue-eyed male tea seller from Pakistan who became an overnight Internet sensation back in 2016.