Kanjhawala Case: SRK’s Foundation Helps Anjali’s Family

Actor Shah Rukh Khan's NGO, Meer Foundation, has donated to the family of the 20-year-old Delhi hit-and-drag case victim Anjali Singh.

Right from the night of 31st December 2022 to today, a lot has happened in the Kanjhawala hit and drag case which resulted in the painful death of the victim Anjali Singh. However, earlier there were a lot of controversies and doubts regarding Anjali’s friend Nidhi’s statements. 

  1. However, later after the investigation proceeded, the Delhi Police termed Anjali’s friend Nidhi as the prime witness in the case as she was the only one present at the spot with Anjali. 

  2. Earlier, it was said that she had no previous police record. But now it is being said that Nidhi was earlier arrested in a drug smuggling case in 2020 and was out on bail. She was caught and arrested at the Agra Cantt railway station for bringing drugs from Telangana. This has been another untruthful statement made by Nidhi who has been constantly changing her statements from the beginning of the investigation.

  3. Several footage have shown that after getting rid of the body, the accused parked the car outside Ashutosh's residence and fled in an autorickshaw. Ashutosh was arrested earlier. 

  4. Ankush, the seventh accused in the case, who had allegedly planned to protect the accused by calling Deepak to take the blame, was absconding. He surrendered before the Sultanpuri police on 6th January. He was arrested and then was granted bail by Delhi's Rohini court on 7th January .

  5. Meanwhile, a man, who was also present at the hotel and partying with the women,said, “Anjali called me around seven times that night but I did not answer. She then sent another friend to get me from home. I went after he forced me, saying Anjali was asking for me. I reached around 11:30 pm and saw Anjali and Nidhi partying. There were a few others. They were enjoying themselves and having a beer. Then a verbal spat broke out between the two. Soon, they were in a physical fight. We separated them and calmed them down. Then the two left after a while. 

  6. Moreover, to the only good news in this case so far, Actor Shah Rukh Khan's NGO, Meer Foundation, has donated an undisclosed amount to Anjali Singh’s family. It was said that Anjali was the only earning member of the family which consisted of her mother and siblings.  The Meer foundation aims to help the family, especially the mother, with her health issues while providing adequate relief to her siblings. Her father died a few years ago and Anjali was the only earning member of the family.