IPS Officer Travel to Saudi To Catch Rapist

An IPS officer from Kerala travelled all the way to Saudi Arabia to catch a man for raping a 13-year-old girl.

In 2017, a 13-year-old girl was raped for three months by a friend of her father's in Kollam, Kerala. The man was 38-year-old Sunil Kumar Bhadran, who was working in Saudi Arabia and had come to India on vacation.Once the girl told about incident to family and police, the man ran away to Saudi. After that, the girl committed suicide, as well as her her uncle who had first introduced the man. An Interpol notice was issued for Bhadran in 2017 to catch him. However happened.  In June this year, Merin Joseph was appointed as the Kollam Police Commissioner. She wanted to make sure the girl got justice and to catch the man. She quickly started the process to catch him.

Ever since Merin became the Commissioner, she focused on clearing pending cases, especially those involving women and children.The Kollam Police's International Investigation Agency was constantly in touch with the with the Saudi authorities.Her team along with the Interpol Authorities went to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia to bring Bhadran back to India. Merin did not have to go with them. However she still went along with them. On 14th July they finally caught him. Bhadran has become the first Indian man to be extradited from Saudi for a committed in India. 

Merin is one of the youngest IPS officers in Kerala. She has always strongly fought for women's rights. On social media everyone has praised her for her not giving up on the investigation.Some even referred to her as the 'real Singham' and compared her to Ajay Devgn in Singham.