Indian Teacher Contracts Coronavirus

An Indian school teacher in China has contracted the deadly coronavirus.Watch video for all the details.

An Indian school teacher in China has contracted the deadly coronavirus. Her name is Preeti Maheshwari, 41, she was admitted to the Hospital in the Chinese city of Shenzhen on January 11 and has since remained critical.Her lungs are failing she is even suffering from multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Her condition is severely critical. Since she can not breathe she is put on a ventilator. Her kidneys are failing which is why she is on dialysis which is a process to purify blood. She is in the ICU. 

Her family is not able to pay the expensive hospital bills, which is why her family has started an online fundraisers to allow others to help with her treatment.Her brother, Manish Thapa said, “The cost of the treatment, since the day Preeti was admitted—January 11, 2020—is increasing day by day. Currently, the treatment is costing 10 lakh Chinese Yuan which is Rs. 1 crore in Indian currency."

They have started two fundraisers. One on ImpactGuru and another on Milaap. The ImpactGuru fundraiser has collected Rs. 36.74 lakh while the Milaap fundraiser Rs. 11.92 lakh. Till now 18 Chinese cities have been put on lockdown. Scientists say that the virus has spread from bats. According to them, a snake ate the bat. The snake was then sold in Wuhan’s seafood market which was then eaten by a family. That's how the virus spread.