India to Get Air Taxis by 2026 in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru

Indigo Airline’s parent company InterGlobe Enterprises signed a partnership MOU with US Archer Aviation to introduce electric air taxi services in India by 2026.

When trains, buses & boats can be used for local travel, why can’t flights be used too? Currently, in the US there are Air Taxis. It looks like we’ll soon have air taxi services in India for local travel within the city. Indigo Airlines’ parent company InterGlobe Enterprises plans to launch an all-electric air taxi service in India by 2026. InterGlobe will partner with a US-based electric air taxi company called ‘Archer Aviation’ for this project. On 9th November 2023, InterGlobe MD Rahul Bhatia & Archer Aviation CCO Nikhil Goel signed an MOU stating the formation of the said partnership. It aims to reduce urban congestion & enhance efficient transportation in India by providing a low-noise, low-cost, safe, fast & eco-friendly substitute for ground transportation. The company also plans to utilize the air taxis for cargo, logistics & emergency service purposes as well as for private companies & chartered services. Both InterGlobe & Archer will work together to finance and operate the eVTOLs in India. The partnership plans to purchase up to 200 eVTOL - electrical vertical take-off and landing aircraft called ‘Midnight’ worth Rs. 8,000 crores. A ‘Midnight’ eVTOL is a pilot plus 4 air carrier. It is capable of covering up to 150 km between one takeoff & landing. It is designed for rapid back-to-back flights and has low recharge time. They will also build airports suitable for vertical take-off and landing aircraft, and train pilots & other staff members to ensure regular & safe operations. The ‘Midnight’ model is expected to start commercial operations in the US in 2025. It is expected to start in Indian in 2026. The electric air taxi operations are planned to start in Delhi, Mumbai & Bengaluru first. Their goal is for the Air Taxi to be able to fly 27 km from Connaught Place to Gurugram within 7 minutes which usually takes 60 – 90 minutes by car. InterGlobe MD Rahul Bhatia said that his company has been providing safe, efficient & affordable transportation to lakhs of Indians for over 2 decades now and that he is very excited about this new opportunity to bring futuristic transport solutions to India. We’re sure that just like us, you too can’t wait to see & travel in India’s electronic air taxis!