In Afghanistan Girl Raped & Her Nose & Ears Cut

Many of you say that India is not a safe country, it is not safe for girls & women but after looking at this photograph & reading Bibi Aisha’s story, your views might change.

Many of you say that India is not a safe country, it is not safe for girls & women. But after looking at this photograph your views might change. This image went viral on Social media. Her name is Aisha. Aisha was born in Afghanistan. She was young & beautiful. At the age of 12, she lost her mother. Later due to some conflict, a member of Aisha’s family murdered a Taliban man. As a practice called Baad, (Baad is a method of settlement & compensation whereby a female from a criminal’s family is given to the victim’s family as a servant or a bride) her father gave her to a Taliban fighter as a compensation for the crime.

She was then forced to marry an old Muslim man at the age of 14. Her husband & other male members of the family continuously raped & abused her from the first day of her marriage. Moreover, She was forced to sleep in an abandoned building with her in-laws’ animals.Beatings, pain and sexual assaults became a part of her life. 

At the age of 18, she decided to flee from her abusive marriage but she was caught by the police, and later jailed for 5 months, and returned to her father, who then returned her to her abusive husband. As revenge for her escape, Aisha’s father-in-Law, husband & 3 other men of the family took Aisha to a deserted place where they gang-raped her. She was shouting for help & crying her heart out but nobody listened to her. Once they were done, her husband cut off her nose & ears using a sharp knife while other men held her hands & legs and left her to die. She crawled to her uncle’s house anyhow but was refused help from them too. She was later rescued by aid workers and her story was featured on News Channels as an example of the effects of the Taliban’s terror on women. Aisha has now been adopted by an Afghan-American couple & lives in Maryland. She has a message for the women of the world.

“I want to tell all women who are suffering abuse to be strong. Never give up & don’t lose hope.” Aisha’s story is painful and heartbreaking, yet sets an example that no abuse is big enough to lose on your hopes to live, However such inhumane characters including Aisha’s own father are subject who should face severe punishments. What do you think about Aisha’s story? Do mention your thoughts in the comment section below.