HKDCI’s Special Announcement

The Hare Krishna Deaf Community India (HKDCI) have a very special announcement for the Indian Deaf community. Please watch our latest video to learn more about it.

The Hare Krishna Deaf Community India (HKDCI) was founded by Mr Samir Munshi and they are under the ISKCON. Mr Samir Munshi is a Deaf IT Designer from Bangalore working at IBM. When Samir Munshi was in class 9, he joined the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). He learnt about the Krishna Consciousness and wanted to share this knowledge with others, specially with the Deaf community. He found that the Deaf community in India do not have a clear understanding of the Hindu tradition due to a lack of accessibility in Indian Sign Language (ISL). Due to this, Deaf people do not have access to the scriptures and feel lost in their spiritual lives. Shri. Chakravarti das, is a Spiritual Mentor at ISKCON, Juhu, Mumbai. He supports the HKDCI and has encouraged them to provide ISL translation of Lord Krishna's teachings.

In January 2019, Samir took the initiative to spread Krishna Consciousness in ISL and for that purpose he created a group called “Hare Krishna Deaf Community India '' – HKDCI. They are very happy to announce that inorder to change the lives of the Deaf and help them achieve ‘Real Happiness’, HKDCI have created the Hare Krishna Deaf Community World Television (HKDCWTV)! HKDCWTV will ensure that Deaf people all over the world will understand the Spiritual Life, in their own sign language. They can access this through the power of the Internet.

HKDCWTV wants everyone to get access to this Ancient Wisdom in different Sign Languages like ISL, BSL, ASL, CSL and much more. They will be creating videos not just only about God but they will also features videos about Positive Life, Moral, Change Your Life, The Pastime of Lord Krishna in Srimad Bhagavatam, Updates from ISKCON News, Interview with Believers, Mediation, songs, Chanting, Kirtan and many others. 

You will be able to view these videos on their: 

YouTube: Hare K???á Deaf Community World TV
Facebook: Hare K???á Deaf Community World TV

Now the Deaf community will not have to depend on anyone to understand the meaning of God. The Indian Deaf community will now have full accessibility in the form of ISL videos about Lord Krishna and his teachings. 

There are many Deaf individuals across the world whose lives have changed by learning the teachings of Lord Krishna. You can learn about their experiences by watching their testimonials at the HKDCI website. You all must be very excited to know when you can start watching these videos. The HKDCWTV launched on 2nd August 2020. At the moment they are in the process of creating many sign language videos and get ready for the Grand Opening. They need the Deaf community to support them in this endeavor. If any of you are interested in creating such spiritual videos please contact them. 

To know more about their Grand opening, click here  and watch their “short film”.