Help Save Mr. V. Gopalakrishnan's Life - 1st ISL Teacher of India!

Mr V. Gopalakrishnan is the first Indian Sign Language teacher in India. He is currently battling for his life. To know about him, watch our latest video.

Mr. V. Gopalakrishnan was born on 14th December 14 December 1940 and is now 81 years old. Let me tell you about his life. Mr Gopalakrishnan is the eldest among five siblings. He studied at Little Flower School for the Deaf and Blind in Chennai. After completing 10th class, he did Diploma in Fine Arts. He is married to Lekha, also deaf, and has two children. 1 boy 1 girl. Let me tell you about his professional achievements. He was part of the first contingent representing India at the World Games of the Deaf in the USA. Co-founder of the Madras Association of the Deaf. Mr Gopalakrishnan co-authored the first Indian Sign Language Dictionary in Coimbatore. Jointly developed curriculum for the First Diploma Course in Indian Sign Language Interpreting, and was the First Indian Sign Language Instructor in the course. He is the General Secretary of AIFD board and has taught Taught Sign Languages to TV Actors. During his tenure, he was instrumental in advocating the removal of a Deaf president and reinstating a Deaf President for AIFD. He loved the Deaf Community and was also very supportive to encourage them. He always wanted the best for the Deaf Community.


Now Mr Gopalakrishnan is suffering from cardiac issues. On 7th April 2022, he was taken to in Citizens Hospital in Hyderabad. Because prior to that he had been detected with blockage in his heart.

He had severe issues in his right arteries. This is why he underwent surgery. The surgery that lasted 8 hours unblocked the right artery as well as the left artery which had calcified. Post-surgery, he developed complications with bilateral infarcts in the arteries to the brain. This caused him to go into a deep sleep state. However his body is fine. This is very sad. On an average, Rs 1.5 lakhs is the charges everyday. The hospital bill till the 13th April 2022 is 11.4 lakhs. We all urge you to pray for his quick recovery. For more details, you can contact Rahul Jain via video call or Nita Gopalakrishnan via voice call.


Here are the contact details.

Rahul Jain: +91 98880 72919 ( SMS & Whatsapp Only)

Nita Gopalakrishnan: +91 88865 00052 (Call Only)