HDCA Hosts Tournaments to Encourage Deaf Cricketers

The Haryana Deaf Cricket Association has been doing a wonderful job of encouraging and supporting Deaf cricketers. Watch our latest video to learn MORE.

In Haryana, there is Deaf cricket association called Haryana Deaf Cricket Association (HDCA), that was registered in October 2020. Their President is Ravinder. The General Secretary is Dhiraj Kumar. The Treasurer is Sonu Harjai. HDCA is also affiliated with Indian Deaf Cricket Association (IDCA). Treasurer Sonu Harjai is also the executive member of IDCA. IDCA's President is Sumit Jain - Sign Name. Their General Secretary is Ajay Kumar - Sign Name. Recently, the HDCA for the first time organised the U-19 cricket tournament between the 4 districts of Haryana. The tournament was won by the Rohtak team named RADD.

IDCA had hosted an all India zonal Deaf cricket tournament. HDCA had extended their support to the North Zone. The North Zone emerged victorious in the tournament. HDCA were proud and elated over the North Zone's triumph. Haryana's HDCA will soon host a inter-dictrict T-20 cricket tournament in Yamuna Nagar. The winning teams will qualify for the 5th National Cricket Championship for Deaf in Hyderabad, Telangana in October 2021. The HDCA is also organizing the Women's T-20 Haryana State Cricket Championship for Deaf. It will take place in Faridabad in August or September. The confirmed dates will be announced soon.

The winning teams will qualify for a tournament in Maharashtra in December 2021. The HDCA is hosting the National School Cricket Championship for Deaf which is organised by IDCA. The championship will be held in November 2021 in Rohtak. We commend HDCA's efforts. Do follow & Like their Instagram & Facebook page.