#BoycottLalSinghChaddha Trends on Social Media

Aamir Khan is returning to the screen after a long time with his upcoming film “Lal Singh Chaddha” which is in trouble, after facing a huge backlash.

Actor Aamir Khan who is returning to movies after a long time along with Kareena Kapoor with his upcoming “Lal Singh Chaddha”. Just a  few days before the release date on the 11th of August, Aamir Khan, and Kareena Kapoor- found themselves in a massive controversy after #BoycottLalSinghChaddha started trending on social media. The boycott hashtag began trending after a section of the Internet dug out bits from Aamir Khan’s old interviews in 2015

During the interview Aamir had said, ‘We all know what is happening in India. So many problems among Hindu Muslims. We see it on the news every day. My wife feels unsafe in India and has asked me about leaving the country for the safety of our children.’ However, after people started to express their criticism of his statement, later, Aamir clarified that his remarks were taken out of context and his intention wasn't to harm anyone. “Let me tell you that I never said that I would leave India. I was born in India and I will die in India. I never thought about leaving the country. Neither Kiran nor will I think about it. In fact, when I stay away from the country for two weeks I get homesick".

Along with this people also started talking about Aamir Khan’s PK which has also earlier badly hurt the sentiment and beliefs of Hindus. Despite the backlash, PK went on to earn around Rs 832 crore worldwide at the box office. Complaints were filed in several parts of the country, with the organizations alleging that the movie mocked Hindu gods and its contents were "highly provocative". Now people are sharing clips from the movie and his interview and telling people to boycott Lal Singh Chaddha. 

This is not all, Indians are also not happy after Aamir Khan met the wife of the president of Turkey. Notably, Turkey is a country that has anti-Hindu ideologies (beliefs) and was earlier also seen supporting Pakistan over the Kashmir issue. Amidst all of this Kareena Kapoor said “Why do you watch our films? Simply ignore them” . This made people angrier. So what do you think? Will you watch the movie or will you boycott it?