Eating with Hands Has Many Benefits

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda says that eating food with your hands is the secret to a healthy life.

Eating food with hands not only fills your stomach but also the mind and soul. In India many still believe in this. Especially in the south where people still prefer to eat with hands.According to Ayurveda, each finger stands for one of the elements. The fore finger is air, the ring finger is earth, middle finger is fire and the little finger is water. The thumb is space. Imbalance of any of these elements can actually lead to many diseases or disorders in the body. When we eat with our hands we normally stick our fingers and thumb together to eat. Therefore when we use all the five fingers to eat food. All the five elements energising the food and helps in keeping our body in balance. 

Many children suck their thumb because they are unable to chew food. This helps in digestion as well. If you have digestion problems, try eating with hands. Because the tips of fingers are the strongest. The moment we touch our food with hands, the brain signals the stomach that we are about to eat. This in turn, prepares the stomach to digest the food helps in digestion.If you feel you are eating too fast then try eating with your hands and see the difference. Focus on your eating method. However please make sure your nails are trimmed and you wash your hands before and after eating food.