Doctors Cut Off Hindu Baby’s Head in Pakistan

In a case of gross medical negligence, the staff of a rural health center in Pakistan's Sindh area chopped the head of a newborn baby and left it inside the mother's womb, leaving the 32-year-old Hind

On 19th June 2022, in Pakistan's Sindh area a 32 year old Bheel Hindu woman, who belongs to a far-flung village in Tharparkar district, had gone to a small hospital as she was in labor. However there was no female gynecologist available and the doctors were very inexperienced. During the delivery, the staff cut off the child’s head. After this happened, they did not even remove the baby and left the child inside the mother. 

The mother’s situation worsened and she was very critical. The family then took her to another hospital in Mithi where there were no facilities to treat her. Eventually, her family brought her to the LUMHS where the rest of the body of the newborn was taken out of the mother's womb, saving her life. An official said the baby's head was trapped inside and the mother's uterus had ruptured and they had to open up her abdomen surgically and take out the head to save her life. The tragic incident prompted the Sindh government to form a medical inquiry board to get to the actual facts of the incident and find the culprits.

The inquiry committees will find out what happened, especially the absence of a gynecologist and female staffers in the hospital. What do you think about this horrifying incident that happened with a hindu woman in Pakistan? Do let us know in the comment section below.