Disabled Child Buried During Eclipse

While we all enjoyed the last Solar Eclipse of 2019, three children in Karnataka were buried neck deep in mud to cure them of their disabilities.

Yesterday on 26th December everyone in India enjoyed watching the beautiful Solar Eclipse. However, while we all enjoyed talking about the eclipse and watching the pictures, three disabled children in Karnataka suffered a lot.In Karnataka, there is a city called Kalaburagi. On the outskirts of Kalaburagi, there is a village called Taj Sultanpur village.There were three children with some physical disabilities. There was one girl (3yrs), one boy (8yrs) and another boy (11yrs). Their parents buried all three children neck-deep in mud. 

The parents did this because they believed that on the day of the eclipse, if the children are buried up to their necks, their disability can be cured.Thankfully someone phone called and informed the authorities. A Taluka official said that"We rushed to the spot, took the children out of the mud and shifted them to a hospital. They are stable now," This isn't the only village where kids had to endure pain.

In other villages as well, children were buried think their disabilities could be cured.10 years ago this used to happen a lot but now due to education and awareness it has reduced. But this problem has not completely gone.