Delhi Police File 3,000-page Chargesheet Against Aftab Poonawala

3,000-page chargesheet prepared against Aftab Poonawala in the Shraddha Walkar murder case, includes 100 testimonies.

The horrible murder of Shraddha Walker, 27, by her live-in lover Aftab Poonawala, which horrified the entire nation, occurred almost eight months ago. Shraddha was strangled to death at their rental property in Mehrauli, Delhi, on May 18, 2022. The dead body was subsequently chopped into 35 pieces, which were stored by Aftab in a 300-litre refrigerator. He then dispersed her body parts over time around the Mehrauli forest area. According to news reports, The Delhi police have produced a 3,000-page draft chargesheet against Aftab Poonawala, accused of killing Shraddha Walkar. The chargesheet contains over 100 witness accounts, as well as forensic and electronic evidence. The police have also included the accused’s confessions, the results of narcotics examinations, and the findings of forensic tests. It is presently being examined by legal professionals.

The reports stated, that the meat cleaver and saw, which were reportedly used to dismember the body, were tossed in the garbage in South Delhi and in the bushes in a section of Gurugram. The key piece of evidence that has been incorporated into the chargesheet is the DNA sample of the bones that were found in the jungle near Mehrauli. As per the reports, these bones belonged to Shraddha Walkar. Aftab Poonawala led the police to Shraddha’s bones in the urban forest, and a DNA test conducted last month established this. Aftab Poonawala later made some startling revelations during his polygraph test. He allegedly said, that even if he were hanged for killing Shraddha, he would not regret it because he would be hailed as a hero when he entered paradise and would be given “Hoors” in “Jannat.” He also acknowledged having relationships with over 20 Hindu women while dating Shraddha.