Delhi to Mumbai by Road Now Only 12-Hrs Away

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari lays the foundation stone for the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. This ambitious project will reduce travel time by 12 hours and it will connect two of the largest metro cities i

The Union Minister for Roads and Transport Nitin Gadkari on 8th March 2019 laid the foundation stone for the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. The Expressway will be 1,320 km long. It will cost Rs 90,000 crore to build. Once built, it will reduce travel time from Delhi to Mumbai to 12-hrs.

The Expressway will have 8 lanes. To make travel easy the expressway will help connect the Indira Gandhi International Airport through a 5 km tunnel. The Expressway will take the following route from, Delhi-Gurugram-Mewat-Kota-Ratlam-Godhra-Vadodara-Surat-Dahisar-Mumbai.

The government has purchased Rs 25,000 crore worth of land for this project. This Expressway will be the world’s longest expressway. Once complete, it can be used by 80,000 vehicles daily. 20 lakh trees will be planted along the route and rainwater harvesting systems will be installed every 500 meters on the route.

The Expressway is scheduled to be complete in 3 years.