Delhi Police Does Nothing as Goons Riot in JNU

Indians are extremely unhappy with the Delhi’s police behaviour during the violence that ensued at the JNU campus.

People all over the country are not at all happy with the Delhi Police. This is because on Sunday 5th January 2020 when masked men & women entered the JNU campus and started hitting students with Lathis and stones, the Delhi police did nothing to stop them. Students of JNU are saying that, police didn't arrest anyone and let the culprits walk away. An FIR has been filed and the police have transferred the investigation to the crime branch. This happened after the Home Minister Amit Shah asked for a report. People are extremely unhappy with the Delhi police. They are saying that the Delhi police did not enter the JNU campus even though they were outside. 

The JNU administration said that the violence started at around 4:30pm and they immediately informed the police. Between 4:00pm to 5:00pm the Delhi Police Control Room received more than 50 SOS calls. The police reached the JNU gate at 7:00pm. Even though they was violence going on inside they did not enter. Police say they were waiting for the college to give permission. The Delhi police say they got the permission at 7:45pm and then they entered the campus. Whereas the university says they had immediately informed the police at 4:30pm.Because of this 3 hour delay, students were badly beaten. People fracture their bones. Students had plasters on their heads, hands and legs. One student was in his hostel room when the miscreants started banging on his door and they had lathis with them. He jumped out of his second floor room. 

Professors were also badly beaten for protecting students. Even reporters were being attacked outside the gates. But the Delhi police did not do anything. Street Lights in the university were all shut down. There is no explanation for this. The masked men were roaming around freely while the police did nothing.All over India and the world people are protesting. This has been compared to a terrorist attack where people were roaming around freely hitting people.