Deaf Woman’s Home Cleaned by Ajmal Jan & Team

Ajmal Jan & his friends helped to clean a filthy house of his classmate. Watch out latest video for all the details!

In Karunagappalli in Kollam district of Kerala, there were a group of houses, out of which one had an extremely foul odour. The stink was so strong that it was nauseating. Even the gate was just tied with a rope and not locked. It was all greasy and smelly. The premises inside the gate including the well and the house was filthy. The house had not been cleaned for the last 7 years. Just 2 people were living in the house - a Deaf girl and her hearing mother. The Deaf girl's mother had hurt her leg with a metal rod and was not able to walk. They were staying in such flith that I cannot even express in words. You will understand better if you see the video. Then I will continue. I am sure after seeing the video you won't believe that a house can be so stinky as usually it is the outdoor which stink.

It is just impossible. What about the 2 women? If they are left in the same condition, they would surely be infected with some disease like cancer, infections etc. How could they be helped? Well, you all would know Ajmal Jan who is poular all over Kerala. Ajmal is a very kind hearted person who is always ready to help. A neighbour informed a Deaf person living in the same area that the duo need to be helped. The Deaf person then informed Ruban Das P who was very shocked. He wanted to help and knew that Ajmal would be the best person to contact. Ruban then spoke to Ajmal who immediately agreed. In a surprising fact, the Deaf girl was in the same school as Ajmal and others however, she was not in the same class. They were students of this school in Valakom, Kerala. Since they were all from the same school, they decided to help. Ajmal and Ruban did not the way to the house, however Kannan. S knew.

Arunjith S arranged more people to help. When they reached, they saw that the gate was closed with a greasy rope and hadn't been opened since very long. The place was stinking. When they broke open the rope and entered, they saw the place was extremely dirty. The moment the mother saw Ajmal, she recogized him. After talking to her Ajmal understood that the mother was unable to walk due to the injury and that is why she was unable to clean the huge 2 storey house. Being at home always for the past 7 years, the Deaf girl had become mentally unstable. The mother too was mentally not well after her divorce. The mother did not allow the Deaf girl to leave the house at all and locked the gate as well. The neighbours did not help as whenever they tried, the mother got angry. The dirt had accumalated for 7 years. The neighbours helped by providing food. However, they were not allowed to enter and were told to keep the plates and water at the gate. The house was pathetic. The sofa was bitten. The toilet was putrid smelling. There was unimaginable amount of chicken poop everywhere. It was just like how it is outside. The house was nice but kept filthy. Ajmal decided to help.

Ajmal passed on the message to his classmates to donate. 10 Deaf including 2 girls volunteered to help clean the house. From some of the donated amount, they bought a mobile for the mother as she never had a mobile. She could not ask for help as she didn't have a mobile. They gave her a new mobile and sim for her to use whenever needed. The mother was happy. The group then started cleaning the house. Ruban is an experienced painter and electrician. The team cleaned the entire house. Check out the video here. Did you see how the mucky house was made spic and span. Other have a change of mind and be positive. All t hanks to Ajmal and team for having a big heart. An applause to the team for their efforts in cleaning the house.