Deaf Girl Raped & Mobile Stolen in Kalyan

A Deaf girl’s mobile was stoned and she was sexually assaulted at the Kalyan Railway quarters. Watch our latest video to learn more.

There was a 27 year old Deaf woman living in Kalyan, Thane. She used to work in Bhiwandi for which she travelled by bus everyday. Her brother dropped her at Kalyan Station from where she would take a bus to Bhiwandi.This was near the Railway Quarters. After her brother left, a man snatched her mobile phone. 

When the man realised that she was Deaf, he took her to the vacant Railway Quarters and sexually assaulted her. He did this because he knew she would not be able to raise an alarm. After raping her the man ran away with her mobile phone. The scared woman then somehow managed to reach the police station. The police took help of a Sign Language interpreter and the girl was able to tell them what exactly happened. Based on her statement, a FIR has been filed.