CPI (M) Leader Hangs 6yr Old After Raping her for 3 Years

The youth wing leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has been arrested in Kerala for allegedly raping a 6-year-old girl and hanging her to death.

Kerala Police on 5th July Monday arrested a youth wing leader of the CPI (M) party. The man’s name is Arjun and he is 22 years old. He was arrested for raping a 6-year-old girl and hanging her to death. The girl's body was found hanging in a room at her parents' house on June 30. The incident took place in the Idukki district of Kerala. 

The police filed a case of accidental death as they did not know what had happened. The autopsy report of the girl, however, revealed that she was sexually abused over a long period of time.Following this, the police grew suspicious that the case was one of murder. Upon further investigation they started suspecting Arjun because he started a rumour that a shawl accidentally got tied around her neck while she was playing. He was also a close family friend of the girl. When the police bought him in for questioning, he then confessed that he would lure the girl on the pretext of giving her sweets and rape her for three years.

On 30th June he had sneaked into the girl’s room to rape her. But during the act she closed her eyes. He got scared that he had killed her so he hanged her and jumped out of the window to run away. He has been placed under arrest. Arjun has been doing social work in his region and was known particularly as a volunteer during the pandemic.