Chinese Firm Tests Flying Taxi in Dubai

A Chinese firm tested out an electric flying taxi in Dubai on Monday, 10th of October, showcasing a glimpse of futuristic technology.

With people being fed up with the traffic jams all around the world, traveling through the sky seems to be the only option. Many companies around the world are working on making flying cars. However, only a handful have been successfully tested with passengers on board, and it will probably be many years before any are put into service. From one of many flying car projects around the world, a Chinese firm tested out an electric flying taxi in Dubai on 10th October 2022. The flying taxi showcased a glimpse of futuristic technology that could one day take people through cities high above any traffic. The Chinese air taxi named XPeng X2 has been developed by the firm named XPeng Inc's aviation affiliate. The demo was held with an empty cockpit, but the company says it carried out a manned flight (with human pilots inside) test earlier in July 2021.The sleekly designed vehicle can carry two passengers and is powered by a set of eight propellers. 

The company says it has a top speed of 130 km per hour. Unlike airplanes and helicopters, these vehicles offer quick point-to-point personal travel. The pilot-less vehicles could one day transport passengers across town high above congested roadways and traffic. But the sector still faces major challenges, including battery life, air traffic control and safety, and infrastructure issues. However, if the issues are resolved in the due course of time, soon we’ll be able to reach our destination on time without worrying about the traffic on the road. What do you think about this idea? Do mention your thoughts in the comment section below.