BMW Launches its Colour Changing Car?

Imagine a car which changes its colour like a chameleon, well BMW has made this imagination come true with its latest prototype vehicle which has been launched recently.

Automobiles & technology go hand in hand and both these sectors have made great advancements. Technologies like self-driving cars, safety features like crash detection have turned everything upside down.

But imagine a car which changes its colour like a chameleon.In today's generation of automobiles, when almost every car has a big LCD or LED screen on its dashboard, Imagine a car with a big windshield which itself serves as an LED screen. In the car we are talking about the dashboard has one digital slider that controls images projected on the car's windshield.  You can use the projector to play videos, watch films and at the highest level, the windshield could show a digitally produced video instead of the reality of city streets which you witness normally through your front windscreen. The car will also be able to detect if someone from behind a pillar might crash with you and will slow down automatically.

The car was shown during a presentation in California highlighted by an appearance from actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

BMW car also have "Dee", a digital assistant. Dee welcomes the person when they see them approaching the car. After sitting in the car, Dee identifies the driver's moods from happy to upset and many more. It can communicate to the driver which will be enjoyable. Wow! What technology!

Usually when you buy a car, there are fights in the family about its colour with someone wanting black and someone white.

BMW's new car will solve this problem as the car can be changed into 32 different colours and patterns.

The person can change the colour to white when he/she is driving. When another family member drives, they can change the colour according to their preference. The car can be changed to the colour as per your wish from purple to white to many different colours. You can even have checks and stripes on the car. Amazing, isn't it!

Not only cars, but even bikes like Honda, BMW, Harley Davidson are using high-ended technology. When you stop a bike, you need to put your feet down to balance the bike. Right? These are self - balancing bikes in which you do not need to put down your feet to balance.

We never know what technology will come up in the next 5 to 10 years!